Drowned Digitalia!

Originally posted 10 June 2006

I was fishing the Little Avon on Wednesday – had a cracking time & caught some lovely fish. The last fish of the day was my best yet, being a lovely spotted wild brownie of about 14 inches; this was worth a ‘photo – I could hear the replies to the Gallery post – ‘Beautiful fish’, ‘what did you catch that on’ etc. I reached into my vest pocket for my camera & pulled out a sodden lump of silicon & glass that used to be a Canon Ixus II. Just as bad, my mobile ‘phone was in a similar state.

Obviously I had waded deeper than I had realised at some point in the evening. So, just a word of caution; when the fishing is so good that you are transported to that magical other place that all we anglers seek – make sure your digitalia is in a waterproof pocket.

BTW – anyone know if this stuff can be rescued/repaired?

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