The Art of Deception

Fly fishing is one of the oldest known methods of angling. It is steeped in history and has its own rules, traditions, techniques and skills, all of which have been developed from the fine art of deceiving fresh water fish into taking the delicately placed offering.From Cairns Fly Fishing

Very true, but it occurs to me that there is another, more fundamental form of deception employed by fly fishermen before they get anywhere near the water. The rules are more complex, the techniques and skills are infinately more difficult to acquire and there is no guarantee that your efforts will be successful.

Of course, I’m talking about fooling the wife! I’ll bet you’ve all had expereience of something similar.

    “Fancy a week in the Lake District?” She’s imagining romantic walks, hand in hand along the banks of Conniston while you can only think of stolen hours away after feisty browns on the Eden.
    You order some new kit online & have it delivered to work so that you don’t have to explain why you need another reel.You drive 120 miles to buy some new kit & pay cash rather than order it online so that it doesn’t show up on the Visa statement.

I’m sure you will have better examples of skullduggery than I, but remember this advice often offered by my Granny – “Be sure your sins will find you out”

There is a difference however between this type of deception and the fooling of fish.  I’m pretty sure the better half of the marriage actually expects to be deceived and really appreciates you delivering ready to fire ammunition that can be brought out at a moments notice – probably some years hence, once the deception is discovered.

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