Better than expected

Back in the summer SWMBO expressed a desire to go camping so off we went to our local outlet to purchase the necessary paraphernalia. Now, my previous experiences of outdoor living go back to my military days & involved stringing up a bivvy sheet between a couple of trees and snugging down in a ‘green slug’, but now I was looking at a mountain of kit and wondering if this was such a good idea “Don’t fancy humping this lot over Dartmoor”. I needn’t have worried; she had different ideas.

“I found a lovely looking camp site.
“Really? Where?”
“Some place called Builth Wells. It’s in Wales.”She should have heard the synapses firing off in my head – ‘Wye, Irfon, Edw, Rhayader, hmmm’, but I managed a deceitfully tame “That sounds nice.” and we made our plans for a weekend away.


Eventually I had to fess-up and mention the fact that there was some of the best fishing in the country around Builth and wouldn’t it be a shame not to take the tackle. To my surprise, she readily agreed & the waders went in the car with the rest of the kit.

The camp site is excellent and I can heartily recommend it for anyone wanting to explore some of the Wye & Usk Foundation’s Roving Voucher Scheme waters. During the weekend I managed to fish the Irfon and the Edw at Aberedw; both are beautiful beats with great fishing.

Builth itself is a lovely little market town with plenty to keep partners occupied while you’re off exploring. While you’re there, don’t forget to visit Rods n Reels where Bill Price will be happy to sit you down with a cuppa and offer you the benefit of his vast experience of the Wye system.

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