Local Knowledge

Ever since I started fishing I have read about the importance of local knowledge.

We had a couple of weeks in the Lake District last summer and before leaving, a friend insisted that I fish Cogra Moss as he’d fished there a few years ago & had a ball. This was reinforced by the bloke in the Cockermouth tackle shop, who assured me there were some of the finest rainbows in the country up there.

Cogra Moss

I don’t do much still-water fishing these days but I decided to follow up on the recommendation & took the heavy gear with me. I drove out to Lamplugh & found the caravan park where tickets are sold. Eventually I tracked down a charming lady who took my tenner, handed over the permit and gave a complex series of directions for getting to the water.

Eventually I parked up and looked off in the direction of the fishery. I couldn’t see the water as there was a bloody great mountain in the way, so I was in for a bit of a hike – no problem. Not having fished there before I didn’t know if I’d need to wade of what other kit to take with me so I had to hump the lot; bag, vest, net, rods, waders, boots, flask & sarnies. This is not my usual travel-light approach and by the time I reached the top of the hill I was very hot & puffing like the Flying Scotsman.

The view that greeted me was both beautiful and annoying. The water, far below, was an almost perfect mirror set among the gorgeous lakeland scenery and on the far side I could see FOUR CARS PARKED RIGHT AT THE WATERS EDGE!

I caught lots of fish, though sadly there was no sign of the much vaunted rainbows, every one was a tiny perch.


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