River Ehen

From Wikipedia:

The River Ehen is a river in Cumbria, England.

The river’s source is at the mouth of Ennerdale Water, from which it emerges travelling west, through Ennerdale Bridge where it is joined by Croasdale Beck (flowing from Banna Fell). Ennerdale Water itself if fed by the River Liza.

The Ehen continues past Cleator Moor and Cleator, where it is fed by the River Keekle, moving southwards through Egremont and eventually running parallel to the Irish Sea which the Ehen eventally joins at Sellafield at the same point as the River Calder.

I was lucky enough to fish this little river during our Lake District holiday in 2006. I fished Ennerdale water without success so I decided to go down-stream from where Ennerdale flows into the river and bring out the 7′ 6″ Esse. At this point the Ehen resembles the Little Avon in character so I was right at home in the heavily overgrown stream. There are riffles and runs a-plenty but unlike the Little Avon, the fish here were eager risers, even in mid-afternoon.

A little further down-stream

Further downstream the river widens 

Working my way up-stream with a tiny black Klinkhammer I was rewarded with half a dozen beautifully marked little brownies before my peace was shattered by the sound of children playing in the river a little further up. Trying hard not to begrudge the kids their fun I packed up & strolled back towards the car, promising to return when the little buggers are back in school.


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