A short season

The opening day in Wales has come and gone with no chance of wetting a line.  Too much rain and more to come have put the mockers on all our hopes of targeting early season trout.  One or two hardy souls ventured out, more in hope than expectation but I wonder if their frustration was any less than mine as I let the day pass in centrally heated comfort. 

I suspect the start of the Engish season will be the same and we all know that our dreams of perfect, sun-lit, sparkling rivers are a long way off.  Of course, we’ll fish in rain, drought, high water, low water, coloured and clear, grateful at times for the excuses that nature has handed to us or cursing her for her mean spirit.

There will be perfect days, but far fewer than we expect or desire but their rarity will double their value.

In the meantime, I’ll get those ‘canya just’ jobs done so that when the time is right there’ll be nothing to keep me from the river.  

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Dreaming the dream and praying for a lottery win that will allow me to live it. View all posts by Adrian

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