I’m being teased

I took Bosun out for a much needed run yesterday – he’s been sadly neglected over the last few days.  I pulled up in my usual parking spot & knew immediately that I’d made a mistake.  I tried to reverse out but my instinct proved to be correct; I was well and truely stuck and there was no point digging myself in deeper by trying to drive out.  I had to walk home & get the other car to tow the estate out. 

It was when I opened the boot of the ‘mid life crisis’ car that I discovered something that made it clear how long it is since I’ve been fishing.  Remember the post about Neil and I fishing the Clun?  I  took the Kelly Kettle on that trip & put in a nice fresh pint of milk for our tea.  Yep, you guessed it – the same pint of milk was still in there, though now it had been transformed into an ugly, smelly independant life form – I nearly barfed.

I’m looking out at blue skies for the third day in a row; this looks promising.  Metcheck says we might get a light shower today and then it’s set fair until Sunday evening. 

I’m rambling.  Forgive me, it’s been a hard week. I guess I’m trying to illustrate the amount of rain we’ve had [stuck car], how long it’s been since I’ve fished [stinky milk] and the promise of fishing to come [weather forecast].  Please copy this post into your favourite editor and cut & paste until you can make something readable out of it.

Being a born pessimist I cannot quite believe that the weather is going to be kind this weekend.  Fingers are crossed, rabbit’s foot stroked and wood constantly touched – anyone know of any ancient rites & rituals that would be acceptable to the weather gods?

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