Geek Log

Every year I promise that I will keep a fishing log but this season I really, really intend to. Honest!.

Being a geek I have decided to do this digitally – here’s the plan:

I have an Ipaq and a solar powered GPS unit which I normally use in the car for TomTom satelite navigation. I have just discovered another piece of GPS software [GPSDash2] that will allow you to use any raster image [gif, jpg etc.] as a map.

For the maps of the rivers I regulary fish I have used images generated by MAGIC, for instance, for the Damery to Huntingford section of the Little Avon I use this map loaded into GPSDash2

LA Map
Click for larger image

To calibrate the map you need to add 2 Reference Points, obviously the more accurate your reference points the more accurately the system will track your location – Magic comes to the rescue here as, with the correct tool selected, clicking on a prominent feature on the Magic map will give you a 12 figure grid reference which can then be used as a reference point on the GPSDash map. Easy.

So, armed with this clever piece of geekery, I intend to use a spreadsheet on the Ipaq to record the date, weather, location etc., along with the fly, depth, method and GPS location for each fish that I catch. This data can then be transfered to a database or plotted on a real map.

Good huh? But then again, the road to hell is paved with good intentions 🙂
I’ll let you know how it works out.

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