I had a day on the Little Avon with Neil yesterday. Following breakfast at Michaelwood we set off to explore the section to the between the M5 and Middle Mill Farm as neither of us had fished there before. First impressions are very good – it feels fishy.


Although a lot of work has been done over the winter, this particular section could do with a bit of TLC; however, this didn’t stop Neil getting straight into a couple of nice Grayling.


I struggled. Although I felt I was fishing well it just wasn’t happening for me. On the other hand, Neil continued pullin’ ’em out.



Despite a stiff wind the day held the promise of spring and the river is looking far more appealing than it did just a few short weeks ago. There were a few Olives coming off but not yet sufficient to induce a rise. One worrying thing – over the last couple of weeks I have been catching Grayling/Trout at a ratio of 11:1. Where are all those little brown beauties?

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