It’s been a while

Almost 6 weeks since I last posted anything. I haven’t been lazy, there’s just been so much going on. Work, family holidays, family illnesses, the Monnow Social – ah yes, the Monnow Social…..

Take 20 or so guys [& 1 gal] who are geeky enough to be ‘into’ Fly Fishing and computers. Invite them all to camp in a field alongside the the Monnow, provide excellent food and a seemingly endless supply of beer. Oh, and organise a bit of fishing for them to do in their spare time – easy huh? Well, no. Not really.

The credit for the success of this event belongs to 3 people. Rob, Dave and Neil who evidently spent months researching and planning the weekend. They knocked of farmers’ doors to get access to previously un-fished waters, got day tickets to club and syndicate waters and even managed to get exclusive access to a couple of WUF beats for the weekend. They arranged the food [thanks Tom], the beer [Tim] and a marquee in which to enjoy both. Tickets, beat maps and a plan that ensured everyone got to fish both main river and tributary during the weekend.

The mix of people attending was just about perfect. The quiet ones and the ‘characters’ made for interesting after dinner conversation. I learned something from everyone I met. Most of all I learned that when it comes to drinking, I’m a complete light-weight, totally outclassed by the dedicated tipplers among us 🙂

Of course, all that merriment has to be paid for in the morning and, unfortunately, a sense of decorum can be hard to maintain – there are things a chap should not be forced to gaze upon before breakfast!

A place at the top of the honour roll must be reserved for Tom and his sous chef Sean, who turned out artery hardening Full English breakfasts and superb steaks for dinner.

Will there be a repeat performance next Year? I sincerely hope so.


For more reading about the Monnow and her tributaries visit Dave Smith’s excellent blog and the Monnow Project web site.

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