After the flood

The islands of Gloucester and Tewkesbury have finally re-joined mainland UK as the flood waters retreat back into the Severn. On Saturday I was able to visit the LRA for a ‘look see’ and I was quite surprised; the river was high but well within it’s banks and clearer than anyone would have expected. Only a few miles further north, the Gloucestershire Frome, normally a narrow little stream is about 300 yards wide at Stroudwater, so it seems the LRA got away lightly.

We’ve had very little rain since the weekend so I decided to chance my arm on Tuesday. I was slightly bemused and not a little disappointed to see that the river is now very coloured and higher than ever – where did that come from!? Nothing ventured etc., I decided to fish anyway – more in hope than expectation. Apart from having a fish rise to a foam indicator [a first for me] things were pretty dour and I was about to pack up when I got slammed by a fish in some slack water close under the bank. The resulting 16 incher is a personal best for me on the LRA.

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