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Swing low

For those that don’t understand the title of this post – there’s no point trying to explain – just roll with it.

Well, my half century has been achieved despite previously foolhardy exploits that any sane man would have thought would preclude such an event from ever happening. Just my luck; today is the Rugby World Cup Final and England have, against all predictions, made it through to the final against South Africa. I knew I should have take the 60/1 odds being offered a couple of weeks ago! Swing low.

Whilst SWMBO displayed her generous side when she offered to fund the cane & silk project, her mean side is now in evidence as apparently we have an hotel and a restaurant booked for tonight to celebrate my birthday [a few days late] and I have absolutely no chance of catching the game. 😦 I’ll have to be content with watching a recording some time later.

I haven’t heard from Bob so I don’t know how things are progressing with the cane rod [but you don’t like to nag do you?]. In anticipation of the rod being delivered sometime in December I have ordered a Hardy Featherweight which I hope will make a perfect companion. Now I just have to sort out the silk.

Good luck England – I’ll be there in spirit.

More words

……as the great river goddess of spate rivers is a hungry demon who demands many sacrificial offerings. I hang many jewels in the high branches as votive offerings to the fish-gods. Beanzy ~ Fly Fishing Forums

There’s an awful lot of guff spoken on fishing forums but this made me smile.

1st ever Riffles & Runs prize!!

I’ll offer something trivial and worthless to the first person to identify the bridge in the banner above. C’mon guys, there’s at least one person out there who I know should get the answer. By the way, in case you’re wondering; the previous banner photo was taken at Salt River Canyon Arizona. Stunning but hardly local 🙂

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