Great Expectations – Update

I just had a mail from Bob; the rod is almost complete and should be shipped next week – well over a month ahead of schedule. As soon as it arrives I’ll post a few pictures ~ can’t wait!!

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One response to “Great Expectations – Update

  • Bob Farrand

    The fly rod is on its way across the pond and you should soon have it delivered to your door priority mail within the next 6 business days.
    I would like to say this was the first time I reproduced a Cattanach 6332, and in my humble opinion your choice of tapers was fantastic, and I will be making more rods of the same taper in the near future.
    The combination of the flamed honey cane with the amboyna burl with German silver hardware reel seat turned out to be a stunning combination.
    I am sure you will be well pleased with the final product, but if you have any problems or concerns make sure to contact me, and I will address them and make sure all is made right.


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