It’s coming together

With the news that the rod will probably be shipped next week, the great silk & cane project is nearing completion. I’ve had a Hardy Featherweight sitting, un-spooled on the bench for weeks but today it will be getting dressed as I’m now the proud owner of a Thebault DT4 silk line supplied by Jocá over at Alva Fly Fishing in Portugal. Rod from the states, reel from Alnwick and a French line from a Portuguese supplier; this really is turning out to be an international effort.

Silk & Featherweight

Opening the box I immediately spotted a problem – all of the documentation is in French; however, with a little schoolboy French and a little help from the internet – here’s my translation:

A) Unroll the line completely to extend it
B) With your fingers, grab a bit of grease and rub it on the line in order to make it penetrate the ‘apprêt’
C) This necessary operation needs to be repeated 4 or 5 times at least with one day between each operation
D) The new line, although saturated with grease is still stiff, flexibility is obtained progressively after several tenth of hours of fishing. During this period, the line is sensible to high mechanical constraints and the quality of the teething period will enhance the duration of your line.
E) If the line is sinking after several hours of fishing, dry the used part with a cloth and grease it back.
F) After fishing, take the line out of the reel for it to dry (average one night) and grease it before rolling it back
G) Use exclusively the grease provided with the line. During the ‘interseason’, it is recommended to store the line in the JP Thebault box
H) For any other questions, consult the website

Not brilliant but enough to get by.

They aren’t kidding when they say the line is stiff. It feels more like raw spaghetti than silk! Anyway, I’ll work on the suppleness thing over the next week or so.

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