It’s magic! Only better

It’s not often that I sing the praises of government services but, for some time now I’ve been a great fan of Magic.

MAGIC is the first web-based interactive map to bring together information on key environmental schemes and designations in one place. MAGIC is a partnership project involving six government organisations who have responsibilities for rural policy-making and management, and although it has been designed to meet the needs of the partner organisations, the facility is available to anyone over the Internet.

The MAGIC partners are:

* Defra (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs)
* English Heritage
* Natural England
* Environment Agency
* Forestry Commission
* Department for Communities and Local Government

I’ve been using this site for detailed maps of the areas I fish, in particular, to identify access points which are not always obvious on Ordnance Survey maps or online systems like Google Earth.

The great news is that Magic’s scope has now been extended to include Wales and Scotland too!


Zoom right in and even field boundaries can be identified.

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