More Silk

I picked up another silk line on ebay for a measly £16 – pretty good deal. The line came boxed and marked “Corona Superba” D/T FLY LINE No C 35 YDS. The line itself is dark brown, dry and stiff as a board but apart from a half hitch about 1 yard from the backing end and a poorly executed end loop, it looks to be in great nick. No signs of rot or damage.

Googling around I found that, if the line is indeed a Superba it was manufactured by Hardys but I still need to identify the line weight. I suspect that it’s around 5 or 6 weight but I need to get it on the scales to be sure as none of the conversion charts mention a ‘C’ weight DT line.


Although it’s dark and stiff it does not appear to be dirty so I have applied a little of the grease supplied with my Thebault line – it’s drinking it in and already the first few yards are becoming noticeably more supple so I may not be looking at a complete restoration job – time will tell.

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