Getting to know my new best friend

I finished work at lunchtime yesterday and called by the river for an hour or two to get acquainted with the new cane rod. I have to admit, it looks the mutt’s nuts with the Hardy Featherweight mounted.

My first impression was how easily it cast a short line; it loads well with only a few feet of line out of the tip ring and accuracy is second to none – it even makes me look good! This rod is light too – a meagre 3.5 oz. Longer casts are a bit of a problem, though I suspect this is related to my casting rather than the rod. I need to get used to the slower, softer action as I am creating huge tailing loops; not something I usually suffer. I don’t think the line helps either. Though I’ve spent hours massaging grease into it, the belly is still quite stiff and is very reluctant to shoot. I guess I’ll have to fish a lot over the Christmas holiday to get it broken in 🙂

Overall, I’m delighted with this rod and I’m sure we will get along just fine when we’ve worked out our foibles.  As Neil said when he picked it up for the first time “This rod has soul”.

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