eBay & boredom

OK, I’ll admit it – I screwed up and took too many days off in 2007 so that I had no days left to take off over Christmas. I’ve been coming into an empty office, or sitting at home watching my inbox just in case some other screw-up sent me a mail which actually generated something for me to do – days of waiting – days of boredom.

Now, what does a computer literate fly-fisher do when he gets bored:

  • Read the forums – but no-one is posting because they’re too busy celebrating with their family.
  • Check out the other blogs – very little new content for the same reason.
  • Hit eBay looking for the bargain of the year.

After a couple of hours trawling through the same old stuff from the same old sellers on ebay.co.uk I went over to ebay.com to see what was on offer over in the states. Now this is much more interesting, especially the reels. They have names over there that we seldom see on this side of the pond. Pleuger Medalists abound, as do South Bends and Martins but among these so called Blue Collar reels are one or two unusual [to us] makes like Peerless, Ballan, Bogdan, Browning and Saracione. Prices are flattered by the favourable exchange rate so I’ve been sorely tempted by an Orvis CFO II, though I doubt I could justify it to SWMBO, especially since I’ve recently bought the Hardy Featherweight 😦

If you want to see some really interesting vintage tackle; head over to ebay.fr. With a little schoolboy French and the aid of Google translation you should be able to navigate the site without too much difficulty.

I can only assume that the Belgians don’t do much fly fishing – searching ebay.be returns only 7 rods and 5 reels!  Spain is even worse with only 4 rods and zero reels while Italy has zero rods and 11 reels including this sweet little Martin

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One response to “eBay & boredom

  • Gareth

    Damn Adrian, that sums up my Christmas at work rather nicely. Like you, I found myself in the unfortunate position of having to work too. It’s at times like those where eBay seems to never have looked so good!

    Ah well, atleast it seems you’re getting in a little more fishing than me…I’ve been somewhat lazy during this ‘off-season’.

    Anyway, enoying the blog, keep up the good work!


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