What’s missing from my armoury?

Quite a lot actually. Taking stock of my fishing approach and skills I realise that I …

  • Have never fished wets on a river.
  • Have never fished spiders.
  • Seldom fish dry flies [never seems to be a consistent hatch on the LA].
  • Have never had a casting lesson.
  • Don’t tie my own flies.

It’s quite comforting to know that there’s so much to learn and put into practice and that my journey has a long way to go. No doubt I’ll address each of these areas at some time or other but the one thing I can’t do that I feel would immeasurably increase my enjoyment of a day on the river is to be able to cast left-handed.

Think of all the places I could put my fly with a nonchalant switch of hands rather than a clumsy across-the-body improvisation which has, at best, a 50/50 chance of achieving the desired placement of fly. Yes – this one deserves some attention, and soon.

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5 responses to “What’s missing from my armoury?

  • flyfishertc

    I tried casting left-handed for a while and found it difficult – still do, particularly switch, snake-roll and spey casts. Perhaps to succeed you have to completely give up right-hand casting and pretend there is no other option!

    This last year I decided to immerse myself in wet-fly fishing: read all the books, tied clyde-style flies; only ever fished the wet-fly all season even when conditions suited dries or nymphs. Must say I learnt a lot.

    tight lines!


  • Andy

    This blog is very well written. I’d like to be able to see the updates on a site I check out all the time… If you want to get some more fly angler eyeballs, including mine again, on this you should sign up at flyfishingcommunity.com and add this blog to your profile. I did and the site automatically pulls in my blog updates. It’s pretty cool and I know there are a lot of fly anglers that check the blogs. Thought I’d share that.

    Tight lines!

  • Adrian

    Thanks for your kind words Andy. I’ll check out the community site – right after I finish watching Trout Bum Diaries II 🙂

  • Neil Marfell

    Trout Bum Diaries ll might need to borrow that mate.

    More dry fly only days this year then, even on the LA!!!
    And you will get your casting lesson from Gwilym Hughes on this years Monnow social (if you can stand up that is) the man is a genius.

    As for casting left handed, I think I need to crack the line chucking with my right first. But it would be soooo useful.

  • Adrian

    I tried the left hand thing on the LA yesterday and it was easier than I thought. Obviously I need a lot more practice but I was actually able to chuck out a line [of sorts]. The problem I had was the right hand got into all sorts of muddles.

    I may get one of those indoor practice rods so I can alienate the wife, dog & parrot even more 🙂

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