Remember the Monnow Social?

For those that can’t the post is here. Anyway, it seems that planning for the 2008 version is already at an advanced stage. I’ve been lucky enough to secure a place at what is surely the Welsh Marches’ premier social gathering of the year and, once again, in the driving seat are Rob Denny, Dave Smith, Tim of FREE BEER fame and Neil Marfell.   The most important person there will be chef-du-camp Tom, who’s breakfasts are legendary and who’s peppered steaks summon the reluctant angler away from the river at dusk.

If you’re thinking social refinement and sartorial elegance; think again!  If last year is anything to go by ‘rough & ready’ will rule the day.  There will be much drinking, some falling over [especially if Neil let’s me anywhere near his Jack Daniels again], a fair amount of bragging, a HUGE amount of p1ss taking – in summary, a damned fine fishing weekend.  Can’t wait.

To steal a line from Tom Chandler – see you in the river.

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3 responses to “Remember the Monnow Social?

  • Gareth

    Adrian, thanks for the reciprocal link!

    I will also be attending this years Social again; last year’s was too good to ever miss one again!

    I managed to fish the Honddu for one of the days last year, unfortunately I found my 8ft6 rod a little long…so I’m looking forward to trying out the 7ft GRXi 😉

    Thanks again for the link! Hopefully be seeing you on the social in May.


  • Neil Marfell

    Can`t belive how quick it has come around again, plans looking good at the mo.

    Tom the chef is well up for it again this year, with a couple of helpers lined up (Adrian think of the 2nd Longtown camping trip god help us!! LOL) .

    Gareth that 7ft`er is going to be just the rod for the Honddu.

    Fingers crossed for the weather then.

  • Gareth

    Hah, I’ve had them crossed since the announcement went live on the forum!

    Will be good to catch up with you both again, and looking forward to returning to the Honddu (hopefully) with the right tools this time! I may aswell have taken a #7 weight last time!

    Catch you both soon.


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