Blue Monday

Yesterday was officially the most miserable day of the year and reading the blogs and forum posts who can argue. It seems the dull, dreary winter weather is getting everyone down. In Gloucester we are bracing ourselves for a repeat occurrence of last summer’s floods and my heart goes out to those who were forced from their homes and are almost ready to move back in now that the repairs have been completed, only to be faced with the prospect of enduring it all over again.

For me the misery has been limited to a lack of opportunity to get out after the Grayling so I should count myself fortunate. I try.

Yesterday I heard some news that really should make me miserable. It was confirmed that, at the end of June I will be made redundant as my little portion of the internet behemoth that pays the bills has been sold off. So, after 10 years with the company [gold watch territory in the IT business] I will be seeking alternative employment. At my time of life I should be worried sick but somehow, all I can think of is the additional time I will have for fishing.

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