Time flies…

…when you’re not having fun.

I’ve just realised that it’s about 6 weeks since my last post.  Well I suppose I’ve been adhering to advice passed to me long ago – ‘if you’ve nothing to say, say nowt’.  And that’s the problem; I’ve had nothing to say.  After waiting so long for spring and the trout season to arrive I’ve only managed two sessions on the river; one a spectacular success and the other a dismal failure.

It’s all about timing and, to be honest, mine sucks.  We’ve had the wreckers builders in and the Smith household resembles a Sadr City market-place after someone in a loud wait-coat decided to liven things up a bit.  Although the actual construction work is now finished I have to deal with the aftermath of mini-diggers performing a pas de deux on my once immaculate lawn.  The patio has to be re-sited and re-laid and raised borders have been demolished and re-built.  Sure, there have been times where I could have stolen an hour or two on the river but these are precisely the times when the weather gods have decided to have a chuckle at my expense.  Very bloody funny!

This-afternoon the forecast is telling me to expect sunny spells at 10c with a 6-8mph easterly – not perfect as the wind will be directly down-stream but, I’m going anyway.

May will soon be here which for some I guess is the start of the proper trout season.  The Monnow Social 2008 looms large and anticipation is building amongst those lucky enough to secure a berth.  Dave, Neil, Tim and Rob are all reporting wonderful things from the Monnow and Honddu which does nothing to suppress the growing excitement at the prospect of a few days in these hallowed environs.

Good news from Bob too.  Michigan’s master builder tells me the new blank is glued and ready for the fiddly bits to be nailed on so, who knows, I may be taking a new friend to the Social.

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