Rooty Tooty Booty

Yeah right! This particular former bootneck is feeling [to paraphrase Quentin Tarantino] pretty f***ing far from Rooty Tooty. Last Sunday I did something fairly stupid involving a parrot cage, a door step and a power washer [please don’t ask or I’ll be forced to contact former colleagues who will exact revenge on my behalf]. Now I find myself sitting wedged against the wall trying to get some relief from the pain.

I have to admit that this post has been delivered to you under the influence of a large amount of Scottish Wine as it’s the only medicinal compound I have found that dulls not only the pain but the humiliation of crawling around the house on hands and knees.  So, a bank holiday weekend without gardening or decorating – result!  But no fishing either 😦

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One response to “Rooty Tooty Booty

  • Neil

    Mate do I need to arrange an offroad wheelchair for the social???

    JD that`ll fix it.

    Owt I can do give me a shout.


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