I’m not fishing….

….as much as I used to.  Oh, I’m going fishing as much as I always did but, these days I find myself taking more and more time out just to be there, to soak it all in, to absorb that intangible something that makes fishing such an important part of my life.

Try as I might, I cannot hear the sound of one hand clapping but, at will, I can hear the murmur of the stream, the call of a dipper.  I can feel the sun on my back and I can see the shade of the canopy swaying over a calm pool while olives dance in the evening light.   To be able to call up these images and feelings at times of stress or sadness is a great benefit to me – to get that charge of tranquillity, that sense of peace when I should be fretting about this or that, to be able to go fishing without going fishing must do wonders for my blood pressure and hopefully make me a better person to be around.

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