Erewash Restoration Project

This is an unashamed plug for the folks over at the Erewash Restoration Project.

A little over a year ago I read a thread on the Fly Fishing Forum aimed at raising interest in a restoration project.

I remember thinking ‘Good luck mate’ as, having grown up along its banks, my memory is of a seriously abused water-course absorbing the detritus of the East Midlands industrial landscape. The only fish I remember seeing were dead roach floating among the half sunk barges and oil drums.

It seems that my pessimism was mis-placed. In a very short time a team of dedicated people have surveyed the river, identified the major problems and involved local and national bodies in habitat improvement. All of this culminated in the formation of the River Erewash Foundation in November last year.

A Grayling stocking program has started and there are reports of wild Brown Trout being caught in the upper reaches.

This is a perfect demonstration of what a team of dedicated individuals with vision and enthusiasm can achieve in a very short time – good luck fellas!

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