Monnow Fisheries Association – HIP

I have just updated the MFA website with the news that the Habitat Improvement Program, started in September last year has been completed.

On 1st September 2008 we set out to coppice 7000m on the Escley Brook and 2500m on the Honddu. In the end we managed to do 10,500m on the Escley, all of the Honddu and 1800m or so on the Dulas. We have the fencing to compete this Summer, which is vital but much less visually exciting.

It’s difficult to under-estimate the amount of work that was undertaken and what a huge achievement it is to have exceeded the original targets by such a staggering amount.  Obviously, praise must be heaped on everyone involved, not least, the people behind the scenes, who have continued to drive this project with such energy.

If you have ever fished the Monnow or any of the tributaries, or if you plan to in the future, I urge you to head over to the web site, download the membership form, and post it – together with your fifteen quid – to the address on the site.  This work cannot continue without your support.

Don’t put this on your ‘To do’ list, get your cheque book out and do it now!!!!

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One response to “Monnow Fisheries Association – HIP

  • Gareth

    Fair play Adrian, I must say that I’m constantly amazed by the amount of hard work you guys at the MFA put into your waters. It really is an inspiration.

    Exceptional work guys! Really well done!


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