Wet Weekend

Neil has some great ideas.  On Thursday I had a message saying he was taking the van down to the Monnow to camp for the weekend.  He’s taking Ollie & Shane [splendid fellows both], and that I was welcome to join them if I wish.  I had no hesitation in accepting.

It’s 10:30, Friday morning.  My van is packed.  I’m sitting in my conservatory trying to hear the TV [Paul Young – Hooked on Fishing, Golden Piranha in Argentina] over the noise of the rain bouncing off the roof.  The gutters are over-flowing, the bottom of the garden is starting to flood and there has just been an almighty clap of thunder.

If the weather on the Brecon Beacons is anything like it is here we’ll be more likely to catch Piranha than trout this weekend.

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6 responses to “Wet Weekend

  • Gareth

    I feel your pain Adrian. I’ve two full days of fishing planned for tomorrow and Sunday, and this rain is making me VERY nervous. Bloody typical though this British weather! I go away for two weeks, crave fishing like a mad man, and then on my first two days planned fishing, it’s looking like it’ll be a wash-off 😦

    Hope you manage to get out!


  • Rob

    Oh ye two of little faith!

    All is/was fine on the Monnow and her tribs, hope the Usk is good too.

  • Neil

    It was indeed very fine , the company, the fishing, the crac and Adrians whisky!!

  • John

    I have been there. Glad it all turned out for you. Thanks!

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