Today, A few things have happened to make me feel that spring [and therefore fishing] is getting closer.

  1. I received the beat map for my new club today and I am really looking forward to getting to know this part of the river a little better.
  2. There was a massive hatch of something tiny and unidentifiable from my lawn this morning
  3. The Magpies have started collecting nesting material
  4. Caravans!  Lots of them heading south on the M5.

Now I wouldn’t normally herald the re-appearance of caravans on our roads but all of the above serve to remind me that the season is tantalizingly close.  Time to check the waders and re-spool the lines methinks!

Good luck to everyone for the coming season.

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Dreaming the dream and praying for a lottery win that will allow me to live it. View all posts by Adrian

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