Our Rivers…

Few things evoke a sense of the Great British outdoors like a babbling brook in full flow; dipping a toe into the icy water; the flash of a kingfisher as he dashes downstream, dragonflies darting through the reeds.

But all these are in danger- we’ve just had our driest spring for a hundred years and our rivers are running at the lowest levels ever recorded. At the same time, people are using more water than ever – and almost all of this comes directly from our rivers and streams.

It’s not just low water levels that are threatening our rivers- pollution from cities and agricultural runoff is also having a devastating effect on the health of these amazing
ecosystems. We need better quality water and more of it if we are to maintain our picturesque British rivers and the unique and abundant wildlife they support.

This is the aim of Our Rivers, to protect and restore the nation’s watercourses to pristine and thriving ecosystems. But we can’t do this alone – we need your help to muster support for Our Rivers so we can convince the Government to take action and properly protect rivers for future generations.

Get involved by taking part in our national survey, become a friend on facebook, share your pictures with us on Flickr and tweet about what’s happening on your river.

You can also check out our latest campaigns here.

…has a new web site.  Check it out at http://www.ourrivers.org.uk/

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