A pleasant way to spend an evening

Work has been particularly stressful of late but, last night, I managed to get away early to fish the Little River Avon.  I’ve not fished there this season, though I’ve done some work parties and helped Neil when he was guiding Justin so I wasn’t particularly shocked at how low & slow the water is.

The barley is now in so the surrounding fields wear their stubble fashionably long like a moody monochrome model in an aftershave ad – I remember fields like this when I was a kid; making bale houses, actually bale castles which we defended against the other kids by pulling up clumps of stubble, setting fire to them and lobbing it over the ramparts!  Hooligans! Well, we had to make our own entertainment in those days 🙂

The whole area has a peaceful aire now that nature’s frantic urges of Spring and early Summer are over.  There is a sense of ease, of a pausing before the work of stocking up for the Winter begins in a few week’s time.  Fortunately this feeling is pervasive, enough for me to forget about clients and project managers, deadlines and databases.  If music can soothe the savage breast then a mid-summer’s evening can certainly calm a stressed-out techie.

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