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Round up

I’ve neglected these pages for too long so, to get back into the swing; here’s an update of what’s been happening in my fishing world.

Firstly, the new rod [see picture below] works just fine!  I was invited to fish a short, very private section of the River Churn at the fag-end of the Mayfly season.  I took 2 fish in the first three casts so I know that we are going to get on.  Once again, thanks Bob, she’s a beaut!

Like most anglers I’ve been staring in despair at the weather forecasts wondering when things would change for the better.  Sure, I’ve managed the odd snatched hour when the rain’s held off long enough to make a trip out feasible but, even then, the cold gusty easterly has made things difficult and not exactly pleasurable.  I did have a more pleasant experience yesterday morning when I fished the Kennels beat of the Charfield section of the Little River Avon.  On Friday evening the water was starting to fine down but there was only about 6″ of visibility but, by Sunday it was greatly improved and just about perfect.  In the short time I had I managed to winkle out a brace of 10″ brownies still sporting feint parr marks – a very encouraging clue as to the health of the river.

I hear that the Monnow is still completely washed out so, until things improve I guess I’ll be staying to the east of the Severn.

Whilst I may have neglected this blog I have not been entirely idle in the world of on-line fishing.  I have been asked to give a much needed makeover to the Charfield AA’s web site.  Though it’s still in it’s infancy you can get a sneak preview here – any comments, criticisms or suggestions would be most welcome.

Pisscalator from OverMyWaders

For my first trial of the “Mark II”, I chose the well-known “Shopping Cart Pool” of my local stream. A cooperative Nature called when I was mid-river — and Science answered! Confident that a sufficient amount of liquid had passed through the catheter, I switched the vacuum pump on and…experienced the most unusual sensation. Perhaps it was disconcerting to my fellow anglers to have someone shouting “Yes, Yes, oh Yes!,” while fishing. One lad called out to me, “What pattern?”; “Pisscalator!” I screeched back.

Read the whole hilarious article at


I received this picture from Bob this morning.  I’m amazed at how quickly this project is progressing.

New Boo!

There’s a little bit of alchemy going on in Michigan.  Bob is busy turning grass stalks into objects of beauty and soul.

The blank in the centre is a Cattenach 6632 taper that has a Trans-Atlantic journey ahead of it.  Mine.  Mine  Mine!!!

Big mouth!

I had to go and open my big mouth didn’t I? Just after updating the review of the Wychwood waders both neoprene socks have stared to leak like a sieve – way beyond my powers of repair. I was tempted to replace them with a pair of Willy J V2s from an fleabay store in Canada but they want $110 for shipping!! I finally decided to go with what you know and replaced like for like from Gary Evans.

The boots are the same old rubbish but they’ll do to keep as a backup pair. The wader design has changed a little – they seem baggier than the previous pair and there is no reinforcement in the seat area – I’m sure I’ll miss that little feature!

So it’s fingers crossed that this pair will be as durable as the last.

eBay & boredom

OK, I’ll admit it – I screwed up and took too many days off in 2007 so that I had no days left to take off over Christmas. I’ve been coming into an empty office, or sitting at home watching my inbox just in case some other screw-up sent me a mail which actually generated something for me to do – days of waiting – days of boredom.

Now, what does a computer literate fly-fisher do when he gets bored:

  • Read the forums – but no-one is posting because they’re too busy celebrating with their family.
  • Check out the other blogs – very little new content for the same reason.
  • Hit eBay looking for the bargain of the year.

After a couple of hours trawling through the same old stuff from the same old sellers on I went over to to see what was on offer over in the states. Now this is much more interesting, especially the reels. They have names over there that we seldom see on this side of the pond. Pleuger Medalists abound, as do South Bends and Martins but among these so called Blue Collar reels are one or two unusual [to us] makes like Peerless, Ballan, Bogdan, Browning and Saracione. Prices are flattered by the favourable exchange rate so I’ve been sorely tempted by an Orvis CFO II, though I doubt I could justify it to SWMBO, especially since I’ve recently bought the Hardy Featherweight 😦

If you want to see some really interesting vintage tackle; head over to With a little schoolboy French and the aid of Google translation you should be able to navigate the site without too much difficulty.

I can only assume that the Belgians don’t do much fly fishing – searching returns only 7 rods and 5 reels!  Spain is even worse with only 4 rods and zero reels while Italy has zero rods and 11 reels including this sweet little Martin

It works :-)

IPB Image

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