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Wet legs

At last! I fished today. I didn’t fish well but at least I fished.

To be honest, it seems so long since I wet a line that I found myself enjoying the process, rather than being pre-occupied with finding fish. At this time of year I guess I should have been covering the water quickly and moving on; trying to find the shoaled Grayling. Instead, I found myself examining the water and chucking a nymph into any likely lie – the very model of patience and persistence. I didn’t catch anything, but it was wonderful to get the waders wet again.





Snowdrops are not my favourite flower but their appearance, along with the fact that it was still light enough to fish at 4:30 promise good things to come.

After the flood

The islands of Gloucester and Tewkesbury have finally re-joined mainland UK as the flood waters retreat back into the Severn. On Saturday I was able to visit the LRA for a ‘look see’ and I was quite surprised; the river was high but well within it’s banks and clearer than anyone would have expected. Only a few miles further north, the Gloucestershire Frome, normally a narrow little stream is about 300 yards wide at Stroudwater, so it seems the LRA got away lightly.

We’ve had very little rain since the weekend so I decided to chance my arm on Tuesday. I was slightly bemused and not a little disappointed to see that the river is now very coloured and higher than ever – where did that come from!? Nothing ventured etc., I decided to fish anyway – more in hope than expectation. Apart from having a fish rise to a foam indicator [a first for me] things were pretty dour and I was about to pack up when I got slammed by a fish in some slack water close under the bank. The resulting 16 incher is a personal best for me on the LRA.

Trout at last

I fished the Avening Green section at Charfield on Wednesday. Crossing the stone bridge I saw that I was not alone; another angler was in the water just down stream. Stopping for a chat I was pleased to hear that he had just brought a nice brownie to hand on the dry! This was good news. If you’ve been reading my earlier posts you will know that, though I’ve had plenty of Graying, I have been bemoaning the lack of trout I’ve caught so far this season.

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Managed a few hours in the water yesterday. A couple of Andrew’s flies were put through their paces. A double bead pink collar Hare’s Ear took this…


from here…


The fly now decorates the tree.

Still no Trout 😦

Days when you learn nothing

My last couple of trips to the river have met with limited success – only one nice Grayling to show for my efforts.  The thing is, I feel I have been fishing well. My approach has been stealthy, I’ve fished where I know there are fish, used flies that I know catch fish and generally cast quite well.

In the past I have always learned something from blank days but now, after several days of reflecting upon my failure I cannot think of anything I could have done differently.

I suppose that one day the Gods of the angle will reveal the answer to the question I don’t know how to ask but, for now I remain frustrated.


I had a day on the Little Avon with Neil yesterday. Following breakfast at Michaelwood we set off to explore the section to the between the M5 and Middle Mill Farm as neither of us had fished there before. First impressions are very good – it feels fishy.


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Promise fulfilled

Half an hour before sunrise; -4c and bone dry. On the Cotswolds side of the valley the dawn was a perfect, cloudless Homeric rosy-pink, rising to a powder blue canopy before descending into a bruised pink/purple/grey smudge over the Forest of Dean. Here and there it was torn by cotton-wool contrails spear-headed by impossibly bright diamond points of light, reflected back from the planes leaving this perfect scene behind.

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