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Black Peril

I fished the Castle section of the Little Avon yesterday and saw a Cormorant guzzling down what looked like a small Chub.  I certainly hope this was a one-off!

The million dollar conscience

£500,000 to restore River Wandle
December 11th, 2007
An historic agreement has been reached that will see more than £500,000 being paid by Thames Water to restore and improve the River Wandle over the next 5 years.

This follows the serious pollution incident on 17 September, which saw thousands of fish killed and a significant impact on invertebrate and plant life in the river. Thames Water admitted responsibility for the incident within days and has apologised unreservedly to the local community and angling clubs. The Anglers’ Conservation Association has led negotiations which have concluded today with the largest settlement in the ACA’s 60 year history. The water company will today announce:
• £7,000 project funding for a local education project;
• £10,000 in compensation for the two angling clubs;
• £30,000 to meet the costs of restocking and an ongoing survey to assess damage to the river’s ecology;
• £200,000 core funding for the Wandle Trust to include support for the cost of an employee who will raise additional project funding to deliver access and habitat improvements along the length of the river;
• £250,000 over 5 years for a restoration fund to support local projects to improve the river environment;
• Investment in failsafe measures at Beddington Sewage Treatment works to prevent pollution like this ever happening again in the future;

The announcement of this project will not have any bearing whatsoever on any future criminal prosecution of Thames Water by the Environment Agency for the incident.

Mark Lloyd, Executive Director of the Anglers’ Conservation Association said: “This incident has been transformed from a disaster into a triumph for the river by Thames Water’s genuine desire to put right the damage they caused back in September. The settlement we have negotiated provides the basis for a long term future for the River Wandle by giving the Wandle Trust the funding it needs to become a sustainable River Trust. It also compensates the anglers fully for their loss of angling amenity.”

Theo Pike, Trustee of the Wandle Trust and Senior Vice President of the Wandle Piscators said: “September 17 was a catastrophe for the Wandle, but we are now delighted to be entering into this 5-year habitat rehabilitation project with Thames Water and the Environment Agency. With the security of significant funding, we’re looking forward to leading a genuine partnership of local stakeholders, helping a long stretch of the river literally come back from Year Zero, and restoring the Wandle as a world-class showcase for responsible community stewardship of urban waterways. We welcome all ideas for the future health of the Wandle, its habitats and biodiversity, and will shortly start collecting these via a web forum at”

Thames Water’s CEO, David Owens said:
“Thames Water was quick to acknowledge that we caused this incident and we are acting quickly to not only restore, but improve the health of this important river. We have been working particularly closely with the Anglers’ Conservation Association, as well as other local groups to ensure that the programme being put into action now yields real and lasting results. It will provide the resources to support the ongoing stewardship of the river and create a fund which can be used to continually restore and improve the health of its habitats. We would like to thank the ACA for facilitating rapid and productive discussion with the Wandle Trust, the Environment Agency, the National Trust and the local community, which have enabled us jointly to begin what we will know will inevitably be a long process of rehabilitation.”

It’s magic! Only better

It’s not often that I sing the praises of government services but, for some time now I’ve been a great fan of Magic.

MAGIC is the first web-based interactive map to bring together information on key environmental schemes and designations in one place. MAGIC is a partnership project involving six government organisations who have responsibilities for rural policy-making and management, and although it has been designed to meet the needs of the partner organisations, the facility is available to anyone over the Internet.

The MAGIC partners are:

* Defra (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs)
* English Heritage
* Natural England
* Environment Agency
* Forestry Commission
* Department for Communities and Local Government

I’ve been using this site for detailed maps of the areas I fish, in particular, to identify access points which are not always obvious on Ordnance Survey maps or online systems like Google Earth.

The great news is that Magic’s scope has now been extended to include Wales and Scotland too!


Zoom right in and even field boundaries can be identified.

Direct Approach

I’ve had an email from David Rogers over at Headwaters Bamboo Rods

Hello. My name is David Rogers, owner of Headwaters Bamboo Rod Company. We are makers of fine and affordable bamboo fly rods. That may sound like an oxymoron, but we have successfully outfitted fly anglers with excellent quality bamboo rods at a modest price for nearly five years.
We have recently developed an affiliate marketing program that expands the awareness of our products to fly anglers as well as puts money in the pocket of our partners. As the owner of a fly-fishing related website, we’d like to extend an invitation to you to partner with us in our affiliate marketing program.
With affiliate marketing you refer your site visitors to our site via a banner or text link, and when they purchase our products, you earn a 15 percent commission. Affiliate marketing is a great way for non-profits, blogs, and other websites to capitalize on their web traffic and provide income.
To get started, sign up with (follow the link in the last paragraph of this email), the company that we use to ensure the program runs smoothly (your payment checks will come directly from them). Then you can chose from a number of text or banner links to place on your website. It’s that simple. You may add more text around the link (such as a description or review of the product) or just include the link on your site. If you’d like for us to develop other text or tools to help you, please let me know. Your success is our success.
Thank you and I look forward to working with you. To get started or find more information email at or click here to access affiliate information on our website.


David Rogers

I was initially surprised that my little blog had been identified as a vehicle for driving sales and not a little tempted to take up the offer; however, I’ve never seen or handled any of these products. For all I know they may be perfectly sound, but without first hand experience of the company and their output I don’t really feel happy giving my tacit endorsement.

To that end I replied and asked for some samples to be sent so that I can evaluate their quality and performance.  I’ll let you know what happens.

More words

……as the great river goddess of spate rivers is a hungry demon who demands many sacrificial offerings. I hang many jewels in the high branches as votive offerings to the fish-gods. Beanzy ~ Fly Fishing Forums

There’s an awful lot of guff spoken on fishing forums but this made me smile.

1st ever Riffles & Runs prize!!

I’ll offer something trivial and worthless to the first person to identify the bridge in the banner above. C’mon guys, there’s at least one person out there who I know should get the answer. By the way, in case you’re wondering; the previous banner photo was taken at Salt River Canyon Arizona. Stunning but hardly local 🙂

Caution – Flies by post

Andrew Cartwright tied up some flies for me recently.  Excellent flies too.  They duly arrived in the post while I was out of the house.  When I returned I found that Bosun had chewed the corner of the envelope.  I shudder to think what could have happened if he had chewed and/or swallowed any of the flies.

Note to self:  Have flies delivered to work in future.

Welcome to Riffles & Runs!

There are a lot of good fishing blogs out there [check out the Blogroll], and whilst I can’t hope to compete with the literary style of the best, I do hope to post some interesting, and maybe even controversial content.  With a little luck, who knows; it might even be worth reading.

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