All of the books here are freely available from Project Gutenburg or The Million Book Project

Angling Sketches by Andrew Lang.

Andrew Lang had several articles published in various periodicals in the late 19th century, later they were appeared as a collection and published by Longmans, Green, and Co. A good, light read with a surprising amount of relevant content.

The Compleat Angler by Izaak Walton.

This needs no introduction.

Essays on Natural History and Agriculture by Thomas Garnett.

Some interesting observations on Salmon.

Fly Fishing By Lord Edward Grey

Not yet read

All About Trout Fishing J A Riddell

Not yet read

Fishing in Derbyshire and Around Walter M Gallichan

Not yet read

4 responses to “eBooks

  • duncan


    Nice site (even though i’m not a fly fisherman !)
    i found it because like you I have a Fladen smoker without instructions …………. did you get them ? and if so any chance of a pdf ? or scan ?

    what is the silver tabbed plate for ? everything else seems pretty self explanatory

    Christmas greetings


  • Adrian

    Duncan – Info sent via email.

  • Harvey Barker

    Hi like you I didn”t get intructions either!!! – I think the silver plate with the tabs is a smoke spreader and the tabs I believe are folded over the bottom tray grids so they cover the wood chipping well. – Does this make sense. Harvey Barker

  • John

    Adrian, can you e-mail me instructions on how to set up?


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