Greys GXRi 7′ 2/3

For nearly all of my jungle fishing on the LRA I had been using a 7′ Fladen Vantage 3 weight – at 30 quid it didn’t matter if the thing got broken in the line of duty. The inevitable did happen though it was no fault of the undergrowth or steep slippery banks. No sir, put this one down to my own stupidity.

Hunting around, I managed to acquire a Greys GRXi 7′ 2/3 weight for under £100 from Ian Woods. My first impressions were very favourable; obviously there was a huge difference in quality between this and the old Vantage but I was surprised to find that handle, reel seat and guides are almost on par with by custom Esse 7’6″ 4 weight – praise indeed.

On the water the best thing I can say is that after a full day casting you don’t remember a single thing about the rod. Now, you might think I’m damning with faint praise but I promise you I’m not. I’m merely saying that the fly went [more or less ;-)] where you want it when you want it with out fuss or undue effort. One really positive point that I must mention is the ability of this rod to punch out a really good roll cast.

To be continued when I get time.


Well, I’ve had this rod for four months and my initial favourable impressions hold true – it’s a little darling.  I resolved to teach myself to cast left handed this year and I chose this rod as the tool to do the job.  Needless to say it coped admirably even when overlined to a 4 weight.  I suppose the acid test when evaluating a rod is ‘would I buy another?’ to which the answer is a resounding ‘Yes’.

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