Korkers Wetland Wading Boots

A while back I got a pair of these boots after the soles fell off of my Wychwoods. Imported from the States, including import tax & VAT I paid a little over £60 and my first impression is that I got a bargain. They are much softer than I’m used to yet they appear to be sturdily made and provide plenty of ankle support.


I like the interchangeable soles – some people have a said that they have a tendency to part company with the boots but, as yet, I have had no trouble with them despite the rough treatment they get [mainly rock & tree climbing]. The stitching around one of the lace ‘holes’ started to unravel but this was quickly remedied by a local cobbler.

So, after almost a full seasons hard wear; would I buy another pair? Undoubtedly – yes.

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