Wychwood Breathable Stockingfoot Waders

I bought my Wychwoods early in 2006. At the time I was purchasing a whole set of tackle for river fishing so I was shopping on a budget – I think I paid about £85 pounds for the waders, boots and a collapsible wading stick. The wading stick has been used once or twice and has now been abandoned. The boots are cheap and nasty leather look plastic affairs whose soles fell off after a season. The waders however are still going strong, and they have been fished hard. Most of my fishing involves sliding down banks, climbing trees and bashing my way through brambles etc., an environment you would imagine would destroy a pair of waders in short-order – not so.

I think the secret of the Wychwoods durability is the incredibly robust reinforcement of the lower legs and seat areas and the fact that the leg seams are not on the inner leg so the chafing of this area seen on other, more expensive waders is not an issue.

The stocking feet are heavy duty neoprene and, so far they have been the only minor disappointment. A few months ago I started to get a damp spot on my sock after several hours of fishing. Not really a leak, more a seep. I successfully patched the offending seem with a little Aquasure and so far that repair seems to be holding up nicely.

Update #1:

I’ve just given the waders a winter service and I notice that, in one or two places the taped seams are getting a little curly at the edges. I’ve applied some McNett’s Tenacious Sealing and Repair Tape as a precautionary measure and I hope to get another season out of them.

Waders seem to be one of the rare commodities where you don’t always get what you pay for. I’ve heard and read of waders costing several hundred pounds lasting only one or two outings. Even if they do have fantastic after sales replacement policies; who wants all the hassle of returning them to the manufacturer for repair or replacement? I’d rather be fishing.

Update #2:

See this 😦

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